Inter TOP

International Projects in the Teaching of Psychology

  • Task Force and initiated the evaluation of the psychology curriculum (Stephen Newstead, UK, - convener)
  • European Framework for Psychologists’ Training (Ingrid Lunt, UK, - the project leader)
  • The EuroPsy is a European standard of education and training which enables individual psychologists to be recognised as having a European-level qualification in psychology. EuroPsy was mainly developed in order to set a quality benchmark of education and practice in psychology, and therefore to protect the public, and to improve mobility for psychologists between countries in Europe.
  • One of the partnership programs was entitled Teaching a Global Psychology: International Faculty and Student Dialogue Project. Organizers/Leaders were Frank Hollingsworth, Sherri McCarthy, Samuel Cameron and Victor Karandashev
  • A survey of training programs in 16 countries/regions on six continents found significant variation in training, minimal qualifications, and roles of the professional psychologist (Burgess, et all, 2004).
  • The authors recommended that an international group of psychologists develop a regionally flexible but common training curriculum and qualification that would include a five- to six-year competency-based certification for psychologists.
EUROPLAT exists to:
  • enhance the quality of teaching and student learning in psychology
  • develop the scholarship of teaching and learning in psychology
EUROPLAT will focus on three strands of activity which are research, professional development and knowledge exchange and communication. Until significant funding is available these are limited to:
  • Research – a survey around postgraduates who teach
  • Professional development – a strand on the teaching of psychology at the European Congress of Psychology 2009
  • Knowledge exchange and communication – partner meetings and planning for country hub sites; an initial website.