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Graduate Schools and Career in Psychology Guide

The Best GRE Prep Courses of 2016 GRE expert Daniel Matthew and the team at identified every course package currently available through major test prep companies. They recently examine the GRE to understand what it means for students. What they found is that for many students getting performing well on the test and getting accepting into a graduate degree program can create many opportunities. We thought students would find this research study valuable.

PsychologyDegree411 is a free resource for students looking to enter or advance in the psychology field, with in-depth school and career advice articles, profiles of psychology degree programs, and state-by-state guides to licensure. The site also provides a jobs and internships board which is updated daily. is an informative resource on beginning a degree or advancing a career in the field of psychology. Whether you need to know the basics on how to become a psychologist, psychology degree programs or psychology careers, there you’ll find the information you are looking for. Their editors provide up-to-date articles on psychology careers, as well as interviews with psychologists currently working in the field.

Forensic Psychology: Education and Careers is a comprehensive guide that examines the complex field of forensic psychology. The resource provides an in-depth look at the skills needed to work in this career and offers details on what to expect on the job. Readers also benefit from a 5-step outline on how to become a forensic psychologist, which includes degree information. It's a one-stop shop for salary and job growth information as well as facts on related occupations..

ForensicPsychologyOnline is a website that is dedicated to the field of forensic psychology. Visit your state’s page and find the licensing information required by your state. Discover salary information and the job outlook for forensic psychologists. Find out the educational paths that can lead to a career in forensic psychology. Read articles that explain the various duties that a professional in this field routinely performs. Learn about the steps you will need to take to become a forensic psychologist. Forensic Psychology Online has all of this information and much more.

The college student's guide to pre-professional psychology opportunities is expert-driven guide of quality internship programs for both undergraduate and graduate psychology students. The guide is designed to help psychology students better understand the internship process, and to locate an internship program or other pre-professional opportunity to prepare for a successful career in the psychology-related field. Besides classroom-based learning, psychology students need to seek out real-world training to make themselves more marketable to employers. The guidebook helps students to find the best internships, work-study programs, and other pre-professional psychology experiences available. Some key elements of the guide are:

- An exhaustive list of available pre-professional options

- Pros and cons for each of the opportunities listed

- Tips for moving into a professional or academic career

Dr. Steven Buzinski of the University of North Carolina, USA, served as the expert in the field for this guidebook.

Master's in psychology: Best online programs An online master's program in psychology over a traditional on-campus program can benefit a wide array of students. The focus of psychology degrees varies greatly, so it is sometimes hard to find a program well suited to an applicant's professional aspirations and needs. For example, the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology has the fast occupational growth rates: 53% by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Local schools, however, may not offer the type of program necessary to enter this field. Studying in a master's in psychology program online permits candidates to pick from a large selection of schools and find the exact specialty they need. This provides an opportunity to get the necessary credentials without relocating. Also, an online program can be individualized to suit various scheduling needs and goals while offering a focused and supportive learning environment. The website ranks the best online master's in psychology.

Go further in psychology A master's degree in psychology is important for graduates because bachelor's degree give limited career options. To practice as a school psychologist, licensed counselor or an industrial-organizational psychologist, for example, it is needed to have a master's degree. A graduate also needs at least a master's degree to practice as a clinical psychologist under a senior clinical psychologist with a doctorate. To practice on one's own, the master's degree will be a stepping stone to earning your doctoral degree.

Affordable Online Masters Degree Programs in Educational Psychology The site provides a comprehensive and informative resource that allows you to search for colleges offering masters degree programs in educational psychology and their respective tuition. I believe this type of information is very valuable to today's students who are not only dealing with a more competitive higher ed environment, but also with the rising costs associated with them.

The Practical Ph.D.: Can a Doctorate Help You Find a Job? Over the past few years, the value of a college degree has been questioned, though perhaps not quite so harshly as the Ph.D. While criticisms of doctoral study have not been entirely unfounded (Ph.D.s are struggling a bit more in the current job market than they have in years past) the reality is that earning a doctorate in most fields can be a solid career move that offers potential for advancement and can potentially open up entirely new career avenues.

Online PhD Programs in Psychology This database is an excellent resource, especially to those who may consider pursuing advanced degrees and training in Psychology. The site features comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sorts out the available online PhD programs in psychology available today in the U.S.

The Education Index at The Education Index at is the Internet’s source of educational data about undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. It is a comprehensive and informative resource that systematically sorts out and searches through over 19,000 programs across 2,240 Universities and presents in a simple and easy-to-digest way. This information is valuable to psychology students worldwide who are dealing with the competitive nature of higher education. By filtering through data like average SAT scores, retention rates, tuition, and percentages of students receiving financial aid, you can use the Education Index to eliminate schools from your inventory that don’t make sense. This is a powerful resource for anyone pursuing to further their college education.

Online Psychology Career Center The Online Psychology Career Center is designed to be a one-stop resource for psychology students and professionals. It presents tips on how to get into graduate school, on how to prepare for the Graduate Record Exam, develop an academic vita, or get good letters of recommendation. You may also search through hundreds of job listings in psychology.

Online Masters Degree in Psychology Guide

The guide provides a list of universities across the country that offer Masters in Psychology degree programs. Find additional schools or other degrees that may interest you by using the search widget on the left or further down. In addition, you can request free information from each school as well by filling out the "Request Information" form with the links provided. You may request info from at least four schools with similar degrees to help you better compare your options.

Graduate Programs for the Study of Emotion

Emotion is a fascinating and interdisciplinary topic that is of renewed interest within Psychology. Several universities offer graduate programs in this area. The description of the programs is presented at the website of International Society for Research on Emotion

Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs

Clinical Psychology graduate programs focus on the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems. Graduates with a masters (MA), PhD or PsyD degree in clinical psychology can become guidance counselors, educators, clinical psychologists, social workers, research psychologists and more.

Online Psychology degrees

Find The Right Psychology Degree. It is the largest online directory of psychology degree and certificate programs. The directory contains over 10,000 psychology degree programs (on-campus as well as online) from over 1,600 colleges and universities around the US - from associate degree programs all the way through PsyD/PhD programs.

Graduate Programs in Relationship Research

Relationship research is the scientific study of personal and social relationships and dedicated to understanding and improving human relationships. The list includes Masters and Ph.D. programs that emphasize relationship research and have the members of International Association of Relationship Research on the faculty.

Resources for Students and New Professionals in Relationship Research The articles address topics of interest to students and new professionals are posted. Syllabi for relationship courses: The course syllabi are generously donated to the website to serve as a resource for students and others who teach relationship courses. Contacts: several members of International Association of Relationship Research have agreed to answer questions and provide guidance to graduate students.

Map of Social-Personality Psychology Graduate Programs Social Psychology Network maintains a database of more than 290 social-personality psychology graduate programs from 45 countries. You can click to see graduate programs in a specific region, or type a name or keyword to search the database.

Online Graduate Programs in Counseling Psychology It is possible to earn a PhD in Counseling Psychology program online, but there are only a select few schools that offer it. In addition to those schools, you will find several more at this website that offer graduate psychology programs in related fields.