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Research and Statistics in Psychology

Open Stats Lab (OSL)

Open Stats Lab (OSL) is a resource for the teaching of statistics. OSL is a website that provides links to articles published in Psychological Science, their associated open data sets, as well as assignments for undergraduate students. In these assignments, students use the open data sets to perform analyses that match those reported in the original articles. Open Stats Lab uses the actual data from recently published papers (accessed via Open Science Framework). These data sets provide students with a richer and more interesting learning experience. By using open data, students can increase their sense of statistics efficacy when the analyses they perform exactly match those reported in published research articles. It contains activities that cover analyses typically taught in undergrad stats, including t-tests, correlation, regression, one-way ANOVA, and factorial ANOVA. OSL activities are for undergraduate-level courses, yet they are also appropriate for grad students wishing to shore-up their analytical skills. Each activity provides data in both SPSS and .csv formats.

Resource for Teaching Research and Statistics in Psychology

The site features a wide range of peer-reviewed resources for teaching research and statistics in psychology such as: links to online demonstrations, descriptions of class demonstrations, suggestions for class/lab activities, class assignments, lecture materials, and/or student exercises.

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics is a series of 26 half-hour video programs on statistics for college and high school students. The programs go on location to help uncover statistical solutions to the puzzles of everyday life. The programs show how data collection and manipulation — paired with intelligent judgment and common sense — can lead to more informed decision-making.