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Journals on the teaching of psychology

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology

The journal Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology is a new journal published by American Psychological Association (APA). It features teacher-ready reviews of current research and contemporary theories as well as empirical research designed to foster systematic intentional changes to improve teaching and learning outcomes. The journal’s mission is to leverage psychological science to provide resources that integrate research, theory, and practice to benefit high school, community college, college, and university educators and their students.

The journal publishes four types of articles:

• Research Article: An original, empirical contribution that helps us understand and enhance teaching and learning via evidence-based conclusions.

• Teacher-Ready Research Review: A brief review of classic or contemporary research findings which have direct implications for teacher pedagogy and student learning, providing a translational platform from laboratory to classroom.

• Teacher-Ready Theory Review: A brief review of relevant classic or contemporary theories that have direct applications for the improvement of teaching and learning.

• Cross-Fertilization Update: A means of fostering connections across subdisciplines within psychology (intradisciplinary) as well as outside of psychology (interdisciplinary) concerning the scholarship of teaching and learning.

It is published quarterly, beginning in Spring 2015

Teaching of Psychology: Official Journal of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (ToP)

The journal Teaching of Psychology is indispensable as a source book for teaching methods and as a forum for new ideas. Dedicated to improving the learning and teaching process at all educational levels, this journal has established itself as a leading source of information and inspiration for all who teach psychology. Coverage includes empirical research on teaching and learning; studies of teacher or student characteristics; subject matter or content reviews for class use; investigations of student, course, or teacher assessment; professional problems of teachers; essays on teaching; innovative course descriptions and evaluations; curriculum designs; bibliographic material; demonstrations and laboratory projects; book and media reviews; news items, and readers' commentaries. They produce 4 issues per year.

The Psychology Teaching Review (PTR)

The Psychology Teaching Review (PTR) is one of only two UK publications dedicated to the topic of teaching Psychology (the other being PLAT). It is a peer-reviewed membership publication run by the Division of Researchers and Teachers in Psychology of British Psychological Society. The PTR is a UK membership publication that focuses on research and theoretical issues surrounding the teaching of Psychology whether in schools, colleges of further education, universities or elsewhere. The publication consists of peer reviewed papers, profiles of departments, autobiographies of distinguished teachers or researchers. The publication is currently produced once a year.

Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT)

Psychology Learning & Teaching (PLAT) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the sharing of good and innovative learning, teaching and assessment practices. The journal aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and teaching in psychology and cognate disciplines at all levels. Each issue contains articles, reports, reviews of books and software relevant to psychology education, plus abstracts from two other journals. A major objective of PLAT is to establish and build up a culture of scholarship in relation to teaching practice in psychology and related areas.

Training and Education in Professional Psychology

"Training and Education in Professional Psychology" is a journal published by American Psychological Association (APA) is dedicated to enhancing supervision and training provided by psychologists. The Association of Postdoctoral and Internship Centers in the USA and the APA have joined together to publish the journal, which serves as the primary source for gathering the most important information that contributes to and advances professional psychology education and training. The journal publishes manuscripts that contribute to and advance professional psychology education. The journal is written for psychologists and other mental health professionals who educate, supervise, and train mental health practitioners during their academic program as well as during their participation at practicum, internship, and postdoctoral settings. They produce 4 issues per year.