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The mission of Personality Pedagogy is to establish an online community of teacher-scholars which provides support and resources for the teaching of personality psychology. These resources include, but are not limited to, annotated high-quality links, examples, audio-visual material, slides, discussions, and documents. For any given topic the most useful links are provided, rather than an exhaustive set of links.

Binder, P. (2007). Between Tradition and Change: Teaching Psychoanalysis Within Psychology and Psychiatry. Int. Forum Psychoanal., 16:49-52.

Psychoanalysis is a difficult topic to teach within the present intellectual landscape of psychology and medicine. My own point of departure is teaching psychoanalytic psychology and psychoanalytic therapy within the departments of clinical psychology, personality psychology, and developmental psychology, and also within the context of postgraduate clinical training for psychologists and physicians in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy. The first three of these fields are to a large extent dominated by a quantitative empiricist attitude. The “soft” data of clinical experience are regarded with mistrust, and theoretical research is often regarded as mere speculation. Psychoanalysis is seen at best as unscientific, at worst as scientific fraud. In the present climate of evidence-based medicine and clinical psychology, psychoanalysis has also got a tough match. It is mostly regarded as ineffective, time-consuming and expensive. In addition, the psychoanalytic moveme.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has on-line course materials for Personality Psychology in the section of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Personality Psychology Textbooks Social Psychology Network presents a compilation of the textbooks that cover a variety of topics in personality psychology.

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