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On-line social psychology course materials, video and audio resources

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has on-line course materials for Social Psychology in the section of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Social Psychology at Films on Demand: Digital Educational Video

Films On Demand is the web-based digital video delivery service that allows to view streaming videos from Films Media Group anytime, anywhere, 24/7. More than 5,500 educational titles in various subject areas. They have 110 films on Social Psychology (by September 11, 2010).

Films On Demand delivers high-quality digital video for students and faculty through online catalogs, distance learning courses and learning management systems. The films are available in full or by short segments. Special features allow users the ability to organize and bookmark clips, share playlists, personalize folders and manage the entire collection through an administrative reporting system.

Carol Furchner's List: Psy105-Classic Social Psychology Experiments Classical social psychology experiments and examples of the power of the situation

In 1961 Stanley Milgram conducted controversial experiment to examine what happens when ordinary people are faced with morally questionable orders. What he learned shocked not only him but the entire world. A Touch of Evil ABC News is the replication of Milgram’s obedience study by Dr. Burger’ from Santa Clara University, USA

Science of Relationships This site presents information about relationships in an engaging and entertaining fashion. It takes research findings from the fields of psychology, family studies, sociology, communication, evolutionary biology, and others. The contributors are actual experts who are active researchers and professors in the field of relationships science. The site can be used as part of the relationships, social psych, or intro psych courses.