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Teaching Tips This website offers free quizzes about different aspects of personality and more. The website will help teach about personality traits, happiness, or the IAT during your lectures.

BtP in your classroom: This page provides resources for faculty to aid in them in using Beyond the Purchase as a teaching tool. Specifically, after students complete any survey on the website, BtP provides detailed background information on the scale as well as personalized feedback. To help faculty use BtP in their classroom, we've created a few handouts for some of our most popular surveys! All PDF handouts, discussion questions, and PowerPoint slides can be easily downloaded and integrated into any class. For example:

Professors who lecture on the Big Five personality traits can have their students take the BFI-10 to learn about their personality profile (Learning about the Big Five personality traits using Beyond the Purchase). After they take the Big Five, professors can download this PowerPoint (Teaching Trait Theory with a Big Five Quiz) which contains a brief description of the Big Five personality traits and helps students learn about their own personality profile using Beyond the Purchase. Finally, here are some of our favorite discussion questions (Big Five classroom activities) which will reinforce what students should be learning about trait theory.

Professors who are lecturing on happiness can introduce their students to various assessments of well-being. We include a PDF which instructs students on how to take our most popular surveys on happiness (Learning about happiness using Beyond the Purchase) and a PowerPoint lecture which provides some background on the different types of well-being as well as some notes on the benefits of happiness (Teaching Happiness using the Satisfaction with Life Scale). Also, we have developed a happiness IAT so that students can compare their explicit happiness to their implicit happiness. Additionally, if students register with Facebook, we evaluate their last 100 status updates and count the percent of positive and negative words to show the various ways people measure well-being. Finally, professors can download some interesting discussion questions to help facilitate a lecture on well-being.


Teaching the Science of Psychology: Teaching Psychological Science is produced by Association for Psychological Science and provides abundance of resources on the teaching of psychology. On their page you will find the resources designed to bring psychological science into the classroom. There are many instructional materials for teaching about the latest in cutting-edge research, as well as blogs, videos and other links to topics that can engage students who wants to learn about psychological science.

Teaching Tips from Experienced Teachers, By David G. Myers

Teachers wanting to take their game to a new level are hungry for what this Observer page offers: tips for effective teaching, tips for teaching that informs, stimulates, energizes, and even entertains.

Teaching Psychological Science series published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishers

Each book in the Teaching Psychological Science series focuses on critical aspects of teaching core courses in psychology. The books share ideas, tips, and strategies for effective teaching and offer all the pedagogical tools an instructor needs to plan the course in one handy and concise volume.

Written by outstanding teachers and edited by Bill Buskist and Doug Bernstein, well-respected authors and teachers, the volumes provide a wealth of concrete suggestions not found in other volumes and a clear roadmap for teaching. Each book focuses on practical, concrete, hands-on tips for novice teachers and experienced instructors alike.